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Subject: CRYONICS Update re CryoCare
From:  (Charles Platt)
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 94 15:46:15 EST

                       News of CryoCare 

In response to David Cosenza and several others who have been 
inquiring about CryoCare: 

We made our initial announcement, and held several 
preliminary regional meetings, late in 1993 at a time when 
our plans were not entirely finalized. We wanted to get 
feedback from prospective members before we wrote our bylaws 
and the contractual agreements linking CryoCare with its 
service providers. (As most of you may already know, under 
our plan, CryoCare hires cryopreservation, storage, and fund 
management services from separate providers, since we feel 
this gives our members many advantages.) 

Subsequently we held a couple of regional meetings at which 
people were invited to join CryoCare. A pleasing number did 
so. I'm not being coy about the exact number; it's not 
possible to give an accurate figure at a time when most 
people have not fully completed the sign-up process and some 
who expressed sincere interest are still "hesitating on the 
brink." We should have meaningful data about signups within 
the next three to four weeks. 

In the past, when a new cryonics organization has been set 
up, the main task has been to buy equipment and find 
personnel who are qualified in the relevant medical 
procedures. Oddly enough, this time around, the equipment and 
personnel were already available. It's been the bylaws, the 
contractual arrangements, and the other paperwork that have 
taken all the time, mainly because we wanted to re-think 
everything from scratch. 

To take just one example: it took a couple of attempts, and a 
lot of amiable negotiation, before I was able to draft an 
agreement for any members of Alcor who want to switch their 
paperwork and their insurance to CryoCare without risk of 
being unprotected along the way. 

Brenda Peters is now sending out a brief progress report to 
all the people who have expressed serious interest in signing 
with us. This will be followed by personal phone calls or 
letters from Brenda. She took a well-earned three-month rest 
after quitting from the Alcor board last year, but she's now 
working very actively on behalf of CryoCare, and she'll be 
dealing with signups for the foreseeable future. 

I've produced four separate information booklets which have 
just been printed. One of these booklets describes the 
cryopreservation services offered by BioPreservation, and the 
text was written by Mike Darwin. The second booklet describes 
long-term storage capabilities of CryoSpan, and was written 
by Paul Wakfer, founder of CryoSpan. I served only as editor 
and designer on these two items. 

The third booklet is a comprehensive overview of CryoCare, 
and the fourth booklet is a history of cryonics which leads 
to our conclusion that "unbundling" cryonics into separate 
service providers provides the best guarantee of long-term 
stability, efficiency, and service, in addition to giving our 
members freedom of choice when more service providers enter 

Those of you who have previously requested information about 
CryoCare from me via e-mail should receive a plain-text 
version of these four booklets by e-mail within the next 
seven days. If nothing turns up in your electronic mailbox by 
Valentine's Day, notify me at  If you 
have not requested information from me before, but you would 
like some now, send your request to  And 
if you want the actual booklets in ink on paper version, let 
me know. (The BioPreservation and CryoCare booklets are 
illustrated; the other two are not.) 
In about four weeks from now, I hope to produce the first 
issue of our regular newsletter. Naturally, it will be sent 
out online as well as in the form of hardcopy.

My e-mail provider has kindly agreed to set up a list server 
for CryoCare, free. I don't know when this will occur, and 
since they're doing me a favor, I can't be pushy about it. 
When it happens, though, you'll be able to use our e-mail 
address as a library, taking only those items which you want.

I realize that for the past couple of months, it might have 
seemed as if CryoCare was dormant, especially if you were one 
of the pioneers who decided to sign with us very early on. 
Well, we decided it was best to get everything right before 
we went looking for more members. You will note that if you 
wrote us a check, we did not deposit it during this period. 

We now feel that we have things the way we want them, and we 
are ready to proceed. Please note, however, this is just an 
informal letter for people on CryoNet. 

For the record, the officers in CryoCare are as follows:

Brenda Peters
Charles Platt
Bill Seidel
Judy Norman Sharp
Kevin Q. Brown

Additional assistance from Saul Kent, Courtney Smith, Bob 
Krueger, Steve Harris, Eric Klien, Curtis Henderson, and 

Directors: Brenda Peters, Peter Crowley MD, Brian Wowk

Our cryopreservation services are currently provided by 
Michael Darwin and Steve Harris, MD, at BioPreservation. Our 
long-term care (patient storage) is provided by CryoSpan, 
under supervision of Paul Wakfer. In due course, as cryonics 
grows bigger, we hope that there will be more service 
providers competing for a share of our business. At that 
time, we'll be ready to offer our members a choice among the 
different services available. We think that this is the 
direction that cryonics should take, and we're proud to be 
the first cryonics organization that has been designed with 
this in mind, right from the start. 

--Charles Platt

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