X-Message-Number: 2592
Date: 08 Feb 94 09:16:27 EST
From: Charles Platt <>
Subject: CRYONICS Personality Conflicts

I note the message by Perry Metzger and thank him for his 
ongoing efforts to discourage personal friction here.
I didn't mind David Cosenza's posting. Since David lives with 
and has a personal relationship with a director of Alcor, I 
doubt that he has any sincere interest in joining CryoCare, 
which is why I didn't bother to send him the last update on 
our progress. Still, he asked a legitimate question, and I 
was happy to answer it here. Unfortunately, my answer didn't 
reach Kevin Brown in time for next-day distribution on 
CryoNet, but I assume it will be sent out in due course. 
Perry Metzger and I had some policy disagreements during the 
formation of CryoCare. I regarded them as the kind of 
differences that are likely at the beginning of any 
enterprise where a bunch of dedicated people are trying to 
reach consensus on the best way to proceed. I'm not sure why 
he brings this up here, because I thought he and I had agreed 
to disagree. But it's a wild overstatement for him to use the 
word "dislike." I find Perry quite likable, and I hope that 
in due course he does follow through and becomes a member of 
CryoCare. At one of our meetings, he already gave us some 
useful advice. 
--Charles Platt, CryoCare Foundation

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