X-Message-Number: 25923
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 23:52:24 -0500
Subject: Marketing Cryonics vs. Waiting for Technology

Cryonet has seen the appearance recently of a number of individuals/groups 
interested in marketing cryonics in some fashion.  Also have come remarks 
from others that cryonics will not see much popular acceptance until 
resuscitation of a cryopreserved specimen is demonstrated.  The implication 
that often accompanies the latter is don't waste your money on promotion, 
put it to research instead.

Perhaps a small increase in the number of individuals interested in 
cryonics would provide a larger pool of potential research donors.

Judging from the actual membership figures published by cryonics 
organizations, the number of people on the planet who could be said to even 
be interested in cryonics must number only a few thousand.  Is this really 
the upper limit of potential for being interested in a science not yet 
proven?  If 64 million people were interested in cryonics, it would be only 
1% of the world's population.  If that seems too much, would 1% of 1% 
(0.01%) be a realistic upper limit?  That would be 640,000 people.  That is 
probably around 50 times the number of people interested now, and were 
these people brought on board as cryonics-aware, it would likely multiply 
the membership of current cryonics organizations by roughly the same factor 
(50) as well as increase the donations for research by a comparable factor.

I say the above primarily to point out that current marketing efforts 
should not and usually seem not to be directed towards trying to "gain 
popular acceptance."  Clearly, in the range of numbers spoken of above, the 
efforts should be towards increasing the minuscule percent of people who 
are interested in cryonics to an only slightly larger minuscule percent of 
people, with the potential of increasing resources for research funding to 
a level that significant advancements can be made, such as resuscitation 
which could, as some say, bring true public acceptance of cryonics.

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