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Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 10:38:39 EST
Subject: Thanks to James Clement for Cryonics Friendly Living Will

This is Rudi Hoffman, writing a short note to sincerely THANK attorney  James 
Clement for his posting today.
I had actually scheduled a time next week to investigate and put together  
some verbiage for a cryonics friendly living will.  But James, who happens  to 
be a client and personal friend, has written something that clearly defines  
the wishes and state of mind of the "archetypal" cryonicist.  And has done,  I 
feel, a heck of a lot better job of defining this verbiage than I would or  
I have downloaded and printed this document, and will have myself and my  

wife get it witnessed and notarized next week.  By the way, after being  signed

up with ALCOR since 1994, I am delighted to report that my wonderful wife  Dawn
has gotten her ALCOR paperwork and funding in place.  (Guess I'm not  much of 
a "closer"...it took me eleven years to encourage Dawn to sign  up!)
I also have saved a copy of this "Cryonics Living Will" on my hard  drive, so 
I can send it to friends and clients who have been asking about  some 
suggested verbiage for their cryonics arrangements. 
While it is difficult to know exactly what we want to specify, I think we  

can agree that none of us want to be the next Terri Schiavo, and this document
may really help.  
Thanks again, James!

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