X-Message-Number: 2593
From: Tim Freeman <>
Subject: CRYONICS CryoCare
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 94 13:10:22 EST

Perry Metzger quotes David Cosenza as saying:
> To whom it may concern at Cryocare,
> A few months back, Charles Platt identified himself here as the contact point
> for Cryocare. I've requested information and a sample of your new paperwork, 
> but I haven't gotten anything back as yet. Could someone please send me 
> information and paperwork, thanks in advance.

I called CryoCare at 1-800-TOP-CARE and they say they'll send their
documents out to me soon.  The person on the phone also said that the
documents had only recently been finalized.

Tim Freeman

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