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Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 11:36:59 EST
Subject: Humane Society & cryonics

Two clues to public relations:
1. The Humane Society of the U.S. is a charitable animal-welfare  

organization to which I made a few contributions for a while. I stopped when it

apparent that they spent most of their money on raising money--in other  words,
on paying their staff. They send frequent requests, along with gifts  

including such things as umbrellas and T-shirts, and they keep on doing it, and

apparently never stop. They have certainly spent more on mailings to me  than I

have contributed. Obviously, this policy must pay off, on average.   And it fits
with a well known maxim in the trade--your best prospects are those  who have 
 already contributed.
2. Mae subscribed to REASON, the Libertarian magazine. She died more than  

five years ago, but I still receive the magazine, and requests to renew, every
issue. Again, the received wisdom is that old customers are your best  bets.
So--how to get more out of cryonics organization members?  First, you  have 

to ask them to do something specific, and then you keep nagging, but  hopefully
without becoming obnoxious. And there are indeed things that members  can do. 
The simplest is just to make a periodic extra donation--even $100 a year.  Of 
course you recognize this in some public way, maybe an honor roll or a  
Or instead of money, many kinds of work could help. Make a sustained  

effort--with written reports--to recruit your relatives and friends. Talk it up
chat rooms. Lots of possibilities, but someone has to supervise and  
Robert Ettinger

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