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Subject: autopsy discussion on Cryonet
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 09:57:24 -0700

More comments on autopsy.

When President Bridge and I were getting ready to move Alcor to the 
Phoenix/Scottsdale area we were concerned about autopsy.   We met with the 
medical examiner.  He told us that there are some cases where he is mandated by 
law to do an autopsy.   

However, he said there were types or degrees or autopsy.

At that time, he promised that any Alcor patient would be given the minimal 
evasive type of autopsy.  The same type he gave organ donars.  That means no 
cutting the brain unless it can not be helped (to retrieve a bullet for 

Also Alcor patients would be done first if he had several to do.

In some cases, he told us, the autopsy would merely involve looking at the body.

Whether he would still honor all this after at this later time I can't say.  But
it seems it would be good for Alcro to contact him and see if this still holds.

Of course, this type of relationship can be attempted by any citizen who is 
cares to try it in their own county or state.

Another thing would be for Alcor and/or CI and/or other individuals or 
organizations to work to avoid autopsy altogether for cryonics members.  Try to 
get a law passed.  There is no doubt in my mind that a cryonics patient has a 
right to a speedy suspension.  It's getting past the lower courts that would be 
expensive.  Once at the Supreme Court how could they put the rights of the state
to catch a killer (for instance) over the rights of the victim to have life?

If some energetic person or group would want to spearhead this, I would be glad 
to offer any help.  I would like to be part of a legal attempt to try to protect
our right to life.

David Pizer

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