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From: "James Clement" <>
Subject: Living Will Follow Up
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 14:00:35 -0500

Yesterday, I submitted a copy of my Living Will in response to a request for 
samples.  Unfortunately, I am under the gun at work, so I don't have a lot of 
time to elaborate, but I did want to follow that submission up with some advice.

I personally would strongly prefer that every measure be taken to keep me alive,
assuming my brain is not deteriorating at a fast pace, and thus the strong 
language in the Living Will to that effect.  Don't forget that the purpose of a 
living will is not only to declare your intentions (i.e., pull the plug, or keep
you on life support) but also to give a Court the rationale behind your 
decision (since you can't predict the future events which might lead to a 
challenge - both in favor of pulling the plug because your brain might be 
deteriorating, or keeping you alive because medical technologies for recovery 
might be just around the corner).  I believe that it's thus very important to 
set out in the Living Will your intention to be Cryopreserved, why you think 
that's a good idea, and any other relevant facts that might persuade a Court to 
make a decision which would carry out your intentions or that you've thought 
through your choice (e.g., the fact that you're not afraid of "future shock").

Everyone who is signed up for Cryopreservation should probably sign a durable 
power of attorney in favor of a knowledgeable, trustworthy person who can make 
the critical medical decisions when you are incapable of doing so yourself.  
Unfortunately, not everyone has a knowledgeable family member or friend who can 
handle this responsibility.  I have spoken with Bill Faloon at the Life 
Extension Foundation about this issue, and he said that if they had enough 
people interested in signing up, they might be able to offer that service.  
IMHO, that is worth exploring.  I do not want to give that power to someone at a
cryonics organization, since they would have an inherent conflict of interest 
(they only get money if you're frozen), but I certainly believe that LEF has the
knowledgeable staff to make the right choices.  I would like to hear others 
thoughts on whom to appoint as one's medical proxy.

Good luck,

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