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Subject: Wireless device can monitor patients (BodyKom)
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 10:26:02 +0200

Wireless device can monitor patients

(Article from GlobeAndMail.com, March 30, 2005)

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Nordic telecommunications operator TeliaSonera AB
said Wednesday it is launching a new product that
lets doctors monitor their patients through a
wireless device.

The new system, which is called BodyKom, connects
wirelessly to sensors on the patient. If dangerous
changes are detected in the patient's body, the
hospital or health care services are automatically
alerted over a secure mobile network connection.

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12 November 2004
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Mobile Monitoring Saves Lives and Increases Quality of Life

The BodyKom TM Series will be introduced at the Gothenburg
Medicine Fair between 24 and 26 November under the concept
of 'Remote Care'. Sensors are placed on the body to detect
the user's state of health and react in critical or life-
threatening situations by sending data to the nearest
healthcare unit over a secure mobile network connection.
The unit receiving the alarm will also be informed of the
geographic position of the patient through the use of GPS

In practice this means that any illness that can be
detected through sensors can also be handled wirelessly and
an alarm sent to the nearest healthcare unit when either
acute assistance or ongoing monitoring is needed. The
registered patient data, sent in encrypted form, is stored
directly in the patient's file and nowhere else along the
way. Sensors are available for detecting various kinds of
heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, medication in
blood and other data on the blood's content.

The BodyKom Series TM system is connected to existing
applications for analysis at healthcare units and
hospitals, which implies that nurses and doctors have
access to the data in real time directly from their work
stations. They can thus monitor the situation right from
the beginning of the incident to the moment at which the
patient arrives in their care.

The system's value and work methods in healthcare work
environments will be evaluated in the next couple of years.
The BodyKom Series TM method has been introduced to and
discussed with nurses and doctors. During these discussions
it transpired that its most important future opportunities
lie in the capacity to complete even more valuable work
with the help of improved real-time data to use as a basis
for decision-making.

The BodyKom Series TM system is built upon personal
experiences: Anders Bjorlin of Kiwok suffers from heart
flutters himself and has seen and understood the difficulty
in diagnosing and medicating a patient correctly. He tells
us: "On 5 July at around midnight, my car came to an abrupt
halt at a roundabout. A subconscious reaction had caused me
to put my foot down on the brake. I had had a blackout
lasting just a few seconds, similar to those I had suffered
from repeatedly in the past year. Many people in their
sixties suffer from dizziness and my doctor had explained
to me the difficulty of diagnosing these symptoms
accurately. In my case it turned out that my heart had
stopped for 5-6 seconds and that this was caused by one of
the medicines I was taking."

The BodyKom Series TM will also create cost savings in the
healthcare sector in the form of fewer ambulance trips,
fewer hospital visits and the possibility of providing in
situ care.

"Heart rate variability is often preceded by
uncharacteristic symptoms and can be hard to diagnose, as
the problem may appear very seldomly and for only a short
period. Effective diagnosis and treatment can therefore be
achieved through telemonitoring of the patient from a
server with analysis functions, which then sends the data
on to the doctor in charge," explains Professor Christer
Sylven, director of the Heart Clinic at the Karolinska
University Hospital.

BodyKom TM provides an infrastructure with open interfaces,
developed on the basis of industrial experience. It is all
based on previously existing components, modified to work
together. The BodyKom Series TM has been developed by Kiwok
owners Bj rn S derberg and Anders Bjorlin through
cooperation with no less than 15 companies.

For further information please contact:
Bjorn Soderberg, KIWOK AB; +46 73 80 50 900

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