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Subject: Protecting the terminally ill, people in a persistant vegetative state 
and cryonic patients etc. against their own spouses, relatives and the courts. 
(Version 4)
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 20:47:31 +0200

Please find attached a suggested wording for new legislature
to better handle future cases like Terri Schindler-Schiavo's.
Please pass this on to your senator and representative in the U.S. Congress. 


Trygve Bauge

I challenge
the U.S. federal government
and the state legislature in Florida
and governments everywhere,
to pass the following general law:

(in time to apply to Terri Schiavo's dead body too,
but at least in time 
to rescue others from receiving her fate.)


In cases of life support
for the terminally ill,
individuals in a persistent vegetative state,
and others persistently unable to survive on their own
and in cases of treatment of those already dead,

and in the absence of 
a written and properly publicly recorded 
power of attorney,
living will
or will
to the contrary,

the decission 
shall not rest
with the spouse
or nearest
next of kin
or in the abscence of a known relative
the local government,-
but with that private
or public entity
that is willing and able
to offer the best life support.

With the local (state or federal) judiciary
deciding what entity this is,
based on the following criteria:

1. Anything best keeping the patient alive
shall be given priority
to anything else.

2. Any attempt at cloning live cell samples
of the individual
shall be given priority
to anything that might kill the patient.

3. Anything best maintaining 
a dead person in a state of suspended animation
shall be given priority
to any other treatment of the dead.

4. Any attempt at taking and cloning (dead) cells samples of the deceased
shall be given priority
to any other treatment of the dead 
as long as it doesn't jeopardise the latter's suspended animation.

5. Mumification, embalming, packing in a zealed way and storing in a cold 
shall be given priority to burial and cremation.

6. Burial shell be given priority to cremation.

7. Cremation shall only be used
as the means of last resort.

In cases where more entities are willing and able to provide the 
same treatment with the highest above mentioned priority,
such entity nearest to the individual in question
(e.g. the spouse and then the nearest kin,
private entities before governmental, 
local private entities before more distant,
and local government before state and federal,-)
shall be given preference.

In cases where a spouse or a next of kin
wants to cut off life support,
or prevent or cut off suspended animation,
this shall constitute a valid reason for divorce,
and in the presence of others willing to offer a 
better treatment according to the above standards,
the local (state or federal) court
shall promptly appoint a pro life public guardian to
protect the interests of the terminally ill or deceased individual
in accordance with the above priorities,
and with the power to file for 
and procure a prompt divorce
on this individual's behalf,
and to otherwise protect its interests.

This law shall apply to all people
presently alive or dead
within this juridiction.

Starving a patient to death
in the abscence  of a written
and properly recorded
living will calling for such starvation,
and in the presence of others willing and able
to pay for a better treatment,-
or otherwise 
violating this law,
shall be a felony
carrying a minimum sentence of 10 years in jail.

Trygve Bauge

Ps. Too bad you died Terri.
Let us hope the legislature will have the guts 
to secure your cloning, suspended animation
and future restoration to health,
before your husband manages to cremate you.

If the legislature had written a general law
rather than a specific law for you,
it would have stood up in the supreme court,
and you would still have been alive.

If we had been able to secure you a divorce
in time,
I would have proposed to you.
Now all I can do, is to work for better laws
that will prevent others from being killed
the way you were.

Life-Extension Systems, Universal Liberty, The Global Village Project, 
The Norw. Icebathing Club, Action 88/Residental Assoc. at Hovsetervn. 88
Trygve Bauge,  pb. 59 Hovseter, N-0705 Oslo, Norway. Ph(47)22-14-80-78
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