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Subject: CryoVenture 2006 & CryoMouse Prize -- WARNING LABEL
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 03:11:34 US/Eastern

  Jonathan Despres wrote [CryoMessage # 25913]

>     People interested to give a talk to CryoVenture 2006 let me know, I`m
> very interested to listen to you, we need people giving opinions about
> cryonics to investors. Feel free to visit our new web site at:
> www.nanoaging.com/cryoventure

  Jonathan Despres wrote [CryoMessage # 25925]

>    I built a web page about The CryoMouse Prize here:
> http://www.nanoaging.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=41
> Feel free to comment
> about the nanoaging institute, if we are able to revive cryonics man,
> we want to have a age less body at that time, that`s my goal with
> nanoaging to offer to cryonics man a age less body, youthful body
> after ressusitation

    I am loathed to engage in character assassination and I make great
effort to get-along with every cryonicist, but I feel the need for some 
words of caution concerning Jonathan Despres and his NanoAging Institute.

    Jon is a French Canadian man in his mid-20s who lives in Quebec on a
fixed income of about $7,000 per year -- money from a government agency,
I presume. He is saving his money to join the Cryonics Institute. 

    Being Canadian and on the Cryonics Society of Canada Yahoo Group,
Jon has been in our face quite a bit. Although he is genuinely enthusiastic
about cryonics and is at times insightful and creative, he has spectacularly
bad judgement. He sent a message to Christine Gaspar suggesting that 
insofar as she is a single cryonicist that they could make "lots of babies",
but she would have to assume financial responsibility because of his "poverty".

   Recently he has advertized $5,000 as a finder's fee for people who will
pay $55,000 to join "CryoQuebec", a full-service cryonics organization 
Jon wants to start. Jon figures that if he can get 3 people to pay $55,000,
he can pay the $15,000 fees and use the other $150,000 to buy a house 
and start a cryonics facility. Some of us are concerned that someone may
take Jon seriously, give him money and create a disastrous media circus that
results in discrediting of cryonics in Canada/Quebec and unfavorable legal
action. A woman in our group has recently been talking to me about removing
Jon from the CSC list because he may be giving observers the impression
that cryonicists are idiots. 

   The idea of raising venture capital for cryonics ("CryoVenture 6000") and
the idea of a "CryoMouse Prize" are not necessarily bad ideas. But I shudder
at the thought of people sending money to Jonathan on the basis of his 
advertisements in CryoNet.

    Again, Jon is enthusiastic and creative. He has done an impressive job
in creating his NanoAging website. But with his terrible judgment and 
hare-brained schemes I believe that he is a potential danger to cryonics 
and to himself. Therefore, I am issuing this warning. 

                        -- Ben Best

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