X-Message-Number: 2596
Date:  Thu, 10 Feb 94 21:31:02 
From: Steve Bridge <>
Subject:  CRYONICS New Alcor email address

(Via unlicensed copy of UGATE)
To CryoNet and others
>From Steve Bridge, Alcor
February 10, 1994


     Several of you have asked about Alcor's apparent new domain 
"alcor.com".   This was an Internet mistake.  We had applied for 
"alcor.org" and someone had goofed.  It took several weeks longer to 
correct the goof than it did to acquire it.  Someone's law is being 
invoked here, I suspect.  It's all Murphy to me.

     In any case, we are now alcor.org  ("org" for organization", although 
several people prefer to pronounce it as if it were short for "orgy," 
which is sadly inaccurate in this particular case).

     This also means that you can now send PRIVATE mail to individual 
Alcor staff members.  For general mail that can go to anyone or should go 
to everyone, or if you DON'T KNOW who should handle the question, use:

     If your message is for everyone, it is most convenient for us if you 
would simply send it to each individual staff member listed below.  But of 
course if you feel that your time is more important than my time (hummpf), 
I will make sure the appropriate messages get copied to everyone.  Please 
make sure you begin such messages with "To everyone."

     Staff members'addresses and general duties are listed below.

                    Steve Bridge, President and 
                                    receiver of general griping.
                    Ralph Whelan, Vice President and 
                                    publications editor
                    Tanya Jones, Suspension Team leader

                     Hugh Hixon, Facility Engineer, handles 
                                    suspension equipment and biochemistry
                    Derek Ryan, Membership Administrator.  
                                    For general information and for 
                                    membership sign-up.
                    Michael Perry, Patient caretaker and 
                                    for information on the Venturists and 
                                    immortalist philosophy.
                      Joe Hovey, bookkeeper and data base 
                                    supervisor.  For questions about 
                                    subscriptions and billing.
                    Scott Herman, information systems 
                                    manager, e-mail supervisor, helping 
                                    with move to Arizona.


1.  For the time being we are still keeping our old address active 
<> since that is listed in so many places.  Also, for 
a while yet that will still be the way to send messages to Carlos 
Mondragon, Alcor Director and former President.

2.  While we are preparing to move to Arizona, we may have occasional 
lapses in e-mail delivery, and one individual or another may not see their 
e-mail for several days while traveling back and forth. (Yes, that means 
the move is definite.  I'll post details in the next couple of days.)

3.  Please call us if your message bounces back or doesn't get answered in 
a few days.

Thank you.

Steve Bridge

[ NOTE: This "alcor.org" addition is a recent change and the maps of
  Internet connections probably haven't yet propagated to all sites
  on the Net.  You probably will want to continue using the old address
  "" for a few more days. - KQB ]

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