X-Message-Number: 25978
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 10:05:35 -0400
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: more for Yvan

To Yvan:

By some coincidence I answered the comments you made in Cryonet Msg 
25973 in this Cryonet, in my message 25967. You're not going to get
more than one neuron in each processor, for reasons I gave in my

I will add that more speed might turn out useful, not because it
would let you run more neurons in a single processor (illusory
simultaneity) but because we would be able to think faster. On
the other hand, we do that now as parallel processors, and natural
selection may have found at least a temporarily optimal speed.
(If we worked faster it might turn out that we'd have lots of 
extra time with nothing to do --- including no new thoughts,
because we wouldn't be getting more new information from the
outer world. This is a speculation, not a claim or assertion).

A MODEL neuron on a computer, given that we don't fly away into
never never and come to believe that it works like a real
neuron, would also be quite useful. I may have misunderstood
you on that point, for which I apologize. 

In any case:

             Best wishes and long long life for all,

                 Thomas Donaldson

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