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From: "Trygve B.Bauge" <>
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Subject: Protecting the life of those who have not written a living will.
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 17:35:07 +0200

>      Trygve, your proposed law GUARANTEES the death of any cryonicist who 
> ever gets a serious head injury.  Please read my CryoNet post of two days 
> ago so that you will understand.
> ---Brian Wowk

My proposed law says clearly that it would be preempted by any living will.

All a cryonisist has to do is to sign a living will
that endowes some cryonic organization
with the power of attorney to do what it will,
then the cryonic organization can continue e.g. to starve cancer patients to 
or do whatever else it will to speed up death to secure what it deems to be 
a better suspension.

All I wanted was to be sure that the patient had signed
upfront that it wanted to be starved to death.

See the first few paragraphs of my proposal,
it makes it clear that it only applies
when desired treatment is not covered by a  living will, power of attorney 
or last testament and will.

My purpose was stated towards the end of the proposal.
Basically I want
to protect the lives of those who have not written a living will,
to protect their lives from those that too eagerly will kill them.



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