X-Message-Number: 2598
Date:  Fri, 11 Feb 94 18:19:52 
From: Steve Bridge <>
Subject:  CRYONICS Alcor e-mail blues

(Via unlicensed copy of UGATE)
To Cryonet
>From Steve Bridge
February 11, 1994

The #&*%# e-mail is still a problem.  We found out today that the
government agency in charge of these things (part of the National Science
Foundation) erased us as alcor.com and missed adding alcor.org.  So any e-
mail you sent to us with the new address got bounced.  It is supposed to
be corrected late tonight in the next update that gets sent to all
distribution points. 

     Supposed to be.

 If it's urgent, telephone.  Otherwise, just use the 
address for another couple of days.  But we're getting close.  Honest. 
Really.  I'm not kidding.


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