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Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 19:13:15 -0500
From: The NanoAging Institute <>
Subject: My reply to ben best

my reply to ben best:

like I said in my previous post, I am always open to get new ideas and 
advices and I will never spend money alone, I try to be careful and I hope 
to bring new people in cryonics which is my best fight against my death...

What do you think, do I am good enough ?

also, I added this quote from ben best on the cryo prize page:

"If people ask me why I want to live forever, I ask why they want to
die. This is not a trick answer -- my bafflement is as genuine as
theirs. I can only speculate that most people live lives that are
woefully boring, depressive or painful -- and they are locked in
despair that things will ever change. Many people complete the goals
of social programming (education, marriage, family, career and
retirement) -- and then feel that there is nothing left to do but die.
Ultimately, I cannot understand why people are so content to age and
die when science is making strides towards the prevention of these
things. There is an incomprehensible gulf of different attitudes."--
Ben Best

furthermore I would say this:

Also, we are making history with our work, you and me are making
HISTORY, people will want to sleep longly in the future, living people
will be slave, sleeping people will be kings, with my nanoaging
project and the cryo prize I am making history people will remember
me, as well as you with 21cm, when cryonics will succeed everyone will
want to sleep and wait advanced society

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