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Subject: CRYONICS - ALCOR To Raise Its Prices
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[ This message is a corrected version of message #25. - KQB ]

I just found out that ALCOR will be raising its prices for 
suspension arrangements in a few months.   There will be 
plenty of notice for several months in CRYONICS.  Neuro-
preservation will be $50,000, whole body $125,000 (these
are minumum prices).  Anyone who has begun their paperwork 
during the old rates can still contract for suspension at 
$35,000 and $100,000 (minimum).

It is unlikely that those who are signed up at the lower rates 
will be asked to increase their insurance, etc., in the future. 

Now don't run right out and sign up just because prices are going up;
let's keep a cool head.

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