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Basie asked:
"Apparently kidnapping of bodies from graves are not uncommon in Georgia (the 
country). I wonder how Alcor And CI would deal with the kidnapping of a 
suspended patient."


When I was a kid, I had a friend who used to use the expresssion   "Safe as in 
the arms of the Lord Jesus."

It would be very hard for an individual to kidnap a patient out of Alcor.   
They make it hard to get into the building.  

It is hard to get a patient out of a dewar.  You can't just open the top and 
take one.  
It is hard to identify which patient is where.  
It is hard to identify a properly perfused, frozen patient.

It would be very complicated and would probably require inside help, if it could
be done at all.

A more realistic threat along that line is for a government agency to try to 
take a patient or an individual to try to get control through legal action.

This has been attempted twice that I know of at Alcor.  A woman tried to get her
sister removed and presented enough evidence to the courts (and to Alcor 
mangement) to show that the patient had been frozen against her wishes.

The Riverside authorities tried to get Dora Kent.  They did not prevail and we 
made it very painful for them for trying.  

We humiliated them in public to where the leaders did not get reelected and they
looked like the fools they were in the public eye.

We sued them and got $120,000 from them (Henson vs Riverside $30,000 & Pizer vs 
Riverside $90,000).  

We got a restraining order against them.

It was this matter that got Alcor a lot of respect from other bureaucrats.  They
probably don't like what Alcor does but they are not going to take baseless pot
shots anymore.

It may be the case that:  Once a person gets frozen and in storage at Alcor they
are probably more safe than a non-frozen (still animated) person living on this

David Pizer

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