X-Message-Number: 2602
Subject: CRYONICS Wakfer/CryoCare
From:  (Charles Platt)
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 94 15:39:33 EST

A few points re Paul Wakfer and CryoCare. Contrary to
DavidCosenza's posting, Paul Wakfer is not an oficer or
a director of CryoCare. He started and directs CryoSPAN,
which offers long-term care for patients who are already
frozen. I realize that some people may feel our multiple
companies are not truly separate, but in fact they are.
In due course, I fully expect that CryoCare will make
arrangements with at least one other company offering long-
term storage, in the interests of offering our members as
much choice as possible. At the same time, this will create
competition in a way which I think can only be good for

The second point I mus make is that Paul Wakfer was not
responding to an information request from David Cosenza.
Paul was offering his own observation on David himself,
from the sidelines, so to speak. I had already answered
David's information request, and I note that he had no
problem with my response.

Lastly, I think it is unwise to assume that when someone
expresses an opinion, here, that person is automatically
speaking on behalf of some corporate entity. It seemed
fairly clear to me that Paul was speaking for himself.
I hope we don't have to start adding taglines of the type,
"My opinions are my own, not necessarily those of my
cryonics service provider."

--Charles Platt

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