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Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 10:34:11 EDT
Subject: no experiments on patients

Once again concerns have been raised that cryonics patients might be used  
for experimentation.
I don't like to sound testy, but please!. The whole point of a cryonics  

organization is to serve the best interests of the patients. This means, among
other things, that patients will be processed for revival only when complete  
success is assured to a high degree of confidence. This assurance will come  
through prior experimentation with animals or/and computer simulation, with  
real-time monitoring of the patients through advanced scanners and computers.  

There will be no pain and very little chance of failure. In the unlikely event
of a surprise problem, the patient can be returned to cryopreservation until 
the  problem is solved.
Robert Ettinger

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