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From: S.Peterson
Newsgroups: sci.cryonics
Subject: Problem with Cryonics
Date: 13 Feb 1994 00:15:55 GMT
Message-ID: <2jjrfr$>

  I heard that cryonic suspension has some problems.  It damages
skin cells.  Not too recently a woman who payed to have her body
frozen ran out of funds some years after her body was frozen.
They took her out and just froze her head.  This gave scientist
(or cryonicists) s the chance to analyze her body.
  Apparenly her skin had been badly damaged.  A problem if she was
ever re-animated.  (This info was taken from "Thje Great Mambo

  Have any animals been re-animated?  I think I heard a rumor
about a dog once.  Someone please e-mail me with any related
information.  Thanks.
Steve Petersen

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