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From: "David Pizer" <>
Subject: cost of reanimation
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 16:35:19 -0700

There has been some recent discussion of the cost of reanimating cryonics 
patients in the future.

I don't think that will be a problem for several reasons.

1.   The longer you wait in storage after the technology to reanimate frozen 
people becomes available the lower it will cost.  There is bound to come a time 
when it is cheaper for your storage company to reanimate you than to continue to
keep you frozen.

2.  Frozen people will be of interest to whoever is running the world in the 
future.  Frozen people will be living history.

3.  As humans become able to live to great ages and eventually become physically
immoral, there should be a corresponding interest in those people who were born
the longest time ago.  That will be frozen people.   They can't ask us 
questions unless they unfreeze us first.  (This may not hold if they can simply 
read our brains without reanimating us?  But then reanimating us to "say" what 
we think and see if it matches what they read from our brain structures will be 
a way to confirm the first method.)

4.  There presently is a merging of forms of communism and capitalism into a 
single sort of political philosophy where the basic needs in life are available 
to every person - food, water, shelter clothing, a job or some sort; and where 
the better things in life are what we will work for - art, a higher standard of 
living, free time, travel, education (not just for making a living but for the 
fun of getting and being educated).  If this is true, then the society at the 
time would unfreeze us and get us up to the bare minimum, after that it's up to 
each person.           ................  It's that way now in many countries.

5.  There is money to grow to be able to unfreeze and reanimate the patients 
built into Alcor's and CI's patient storage plans.  The first 4 reasons would 
only need to kick in if the money got sidetracked somehow.

6.  We are all so love-able and sweet, the future world will want us there with 
them :=)


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