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From: "marta sandberg" <>
Subject: Cryonic contracts
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 16:02:28 +0800

Cryonics raises some tricky legal problems.

In fact, signing a cryonics contract is in many ways equivalent to entering 
into a marriage contract (in terms of implications and importance)   but 
there is no laws that regulates it.

Each cryonics organization has had to come up with their own paper-work, 
where they have tried to tackle the issues in the way they feel is best.  
They all have different slants and they all chosen slightly different 
methods.  What they have in common is their ultimate aim   find the way that 
maximizes MY chance of being reanimated in the future.

May I suggest that you read through the contracts for all cryonics 
organization and pick the one you feel most comfortable with.

Personally, I like a contract that gives my cryonics organization the 
maximum leeway to act independently as I don t think I can foresee the type 
of situations they will be faced with in the future.  I prefer to put my 
trust in a dynamic organization than a static contract.

You may prefer something else.  I doubt you will find one that suits you in 
all respects, but few things in life achieve perfection   -:)

Long life,


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Flavonoid wrote:

I think you have voiced rather well a concern a lot of folks have regarding 
the current Cryonics organizations.  Some seem to be structured to accept 
anatomical specimens and provide minimal or no assurance to those who make
prior arrangements for their services, regarding the extent of 
experimentation that might occur.   Others seem structured to provide no 
assurance of anything but to be an alternative burial arrangement.

Maybe the organizations could chime in positively on this.

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