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From: "Joe Waynick" <>
Subject: Alcor's 68th Patient
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 14:32:20 -0700

   The Alcor Life Extension Foundation has performed the cryopreservation of
its 68th patient. Member A-2024 was pronounced early Saturday morning with
an Alcor standby and transport team onsite. This is the first patient Alcor
has taken under the new Comprehensive Member Standby program.

   After performing a field washout at a local mortuary the patient was
transported to the Alcor facility in Scottsdale, AZ who arrived at 13:12 pm
Saturday afternoon for perfusion and cool down.

   By all accounts and metrics, A-2024 received an excellent
cryopreservation and will be written up in an upcoming issue of Cryonics as
soon as possible. The identity of the patient will remain confidential as he

   Joe Waynick, CEO/President, Alcor Life Extension Foundation


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