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Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 08:38:26 +0200
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Subject: Slashdot: Hibernation on Demand

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The recent news on hybernation have made it to
*Dr. Mark Roth <http://myprofile.cos.com/mroth> at the Fred Hutchinson 
Cancer Research Center <http://www.fhcrc.org/> has successfully induced a 
state of reversible metabolic hibernation in
(no surprise) is getting

quite a bit of 
in the past have used cooling techniques, but Dr. Roth uses
hydrogen sulfide (80 parts/million) to basically put the warm-blooded mice 
into an advanced hibernated state, with a drop from the normal 120 
breaths/minute to less than 10. Core body temperature also drops as low as 
11C (50F) to match the ambient room temperature. The mice recover in about 
two hours once normal air/temperatures are applied, with no apparent ill 
effects - apparently there is a mice IQ/motor-skills test. In addition to 
the obligatory reference to Woody Allen's Sleeper
movie,<http://www.woodyallenmovies.com/movies/sleeper.htm>this has
applicability for emergency rooms as it would be beneficial to in
ER medicine as a way of "buying time" while diagnosis is performed.
*Concerning the reference to Sleeper and the applications of the new 
technique to cryonics, it is not clear to me if this technique can be used 
to maintain hybernation for decades instead of hours.*


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