X-Message-Number: 26080
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 11:25:24 -0400
From: Keith Henson <>
Subject: Robert Anton Wilson in Hospital

I don't know how many RAW fans there are on this list, but I just found out 
he is in a hospital in Santa Cruz.  I don't know how serious, but Bob is 73.


Several years before I had to escape the US, I tried to set up suspension 
arrangements for Bob and his wife Arlen.  Bob was agreeable but Arlen nixed 
it.  Since she died in 1999 a cryonics organization should be able to sign 
up Bob Wilson.  I have not asked him.  Being out of the country puts a 
damper on such things.

Most of you know that Alcor signed up Tim Leary.  He went with the now 
defunct organization when Alcor split some years ago and was lost in 1996 
due to cultural insensitivity on the part of a cryonics technician.

Besides trying to save a key person in the history of our formative years, 
PR was a factor.  Unfortunately it turned into negative PR for cryonics.

If you use Google as a measure, Robert Anton Wilson gets about half as many 
hits as Timothy Leary so PR from suspending RWA would be 
substantial.  Further, RAW is most appreciated among the class of people 
likely to sign up.

The PR would be pure gravy.  My future life would be improved by having RAW 
alive.  I can't afford the whole amount, but pledge $3000 if the rest can 
be raised some way or the other.

Keith Henson

PS.  Bob Wilson's daughter Luna, was brutally murdered in 1976 when she was 
15.  Her brain was recovered and is in suspension.


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