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Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 02:32:49 US/Eastern

      This announcement of the new Standby and Transport program 
offered to Cryonics Institute Members is being made in two 
parts, one by the Cryonics Institute and one by Suspended 
Animation, Inc. 
                                  -- Ben Best, President, Cryonics Institute


The Cryonics Institute has successfully concluded negotiations 
for a contract to offer Standby and Transport assistance from the 
Florida cryopreservation research company Suspended Animation, Inc. 
CI Members who wish to receive these services must provide additional 
funding, part of which can be through life insurance. 

"Standby" refers to a team of fully-equipped cryopreservation professionals 
waiting by the bedside of a cryonics patient close to legal death or at 
risk of legal death. If the cryonics patient deanimates and is pronounced 
legally dead by a physician or qualified nurse, then the Standby team 
will immediately begin the application of cryonics stabilization procedures, 
including ice-bath cooling and the use of a heart-lung device. 

"Transport" includes moving the cryonics patient from the location where 
death was pronounced to the CI Facility in Michigan. During Transport the 
Suspended Animation team will continue to apply procedures intended to 
prevent damage to tissues, particularly the brain. These procedures will 
include blood washout and may include cryoprotectant perfusion (depending 
upon whether the patient wishes CI or Suspended Animation to do the final 

Details of the Standby and Transport Services Protocols and Fees can be 
found on the Cryonics Institute website: 

The normal funding mechanism for CI Members is to have a basic fee 
for perfusion, cool- down and long-term storage -- currently $28,000 
Option One and $35,000 Option Two. Additionally, for Members not living 
in the Michigan area CI has a Local Help Rider to pay for services of a 
remote funeral director, which may include heparinization, some CPR, packing 
in ice and transport to Michigan. For the Local Help Rider CI Members are 
expected to allocate additional funding -- up to $5,000 in the US and up 
to $15,000 overseas. This can be included in their insurance or in prepayment. 

The Suspended Animation agreement is simply an extension of the Local Help 
Rider. The SA Rider not only provides for payment for a remote funeral 
director (whom Suspended Animation would work-with and pay), but for 
post-mortem standby and transport. Formally, the new agreement is not 
much different from the usual Local Help Rider except that the protocol 
is more extensive, the price is higher and the Rider would be (initially) 
restricted to US Members. Insurance funding is currently only available for 
procedures that Suspended Animation performs after pronouncement of death. 
Pre-mortem Standby must be funded through pre-payment or a special bank 
account. CI Members interested in Suspended Animation Standby should 
examine the information available on the CI Website at 


The Cryonics Institute and Suspended Animation, Inc. have signed an agreement 
defining terms under which CI members may choose to receive standby/transport 
assistance using personnel, equipment, and medications supplied by SA. 

Suspended Animation, located in south Florida, is pursuing research and 
to enhance standby procedures. Our assistance for participating members of CI 
will include: 

Paramedics and other trained personnel who will travel to the bedside. 
Medications, provided under contract with Critical Care Research, to 
       mitigate ischemic injury 
Mechanical cardiopulmonary support and ventilation via a custom-designed 
       Michigan Instruments Thumper. 
Rapid cooling in a newly modified portable ice bath. 
Vascular access by a surgeon followed by washout with a transport solution 
Immediate air transportation to the cryonics organization of which the 
       patient is a member. 
A choice of whole-body glycerolization or the new vitrification solution 
       developed in-house by CI. 

While we expect that future technology will enable cell repair, we also 
believe that severe damage caused by a prolonged period of warm ischemia 
may prevent repair under any imaginable scenario. Therefore we feel that 
prompt treatment after legal death is highly desirable. 

CI members who wish to receive treatment through Suspended Animation will 
be required to execute additional paperwork, primarily to establish funding 

arrangements. Some prepayment will be required to guarantee standby deployment.

For further details, including copies of relevant documents, a schedule of 
fees, and a detailed protocol describing the procedures that Suspended 
Animation has established, please see the Cryonics Institute website:


To receive email updates every two to four weeks directly from Suspended 
describing our activities and our progress toward enhanced standby capability, 
please send your request to  [info(at)suspendedinc.com], 
stating the name of the cryonics organization of which you are a member. 

Suspended Animation does not provide service to the general public. We are a 
research and development company partnering with cryonics organizations that 

are interested in refining the process of human cryopreservation, which remains
an experimental procedure at this time. Currently we have a contractual 
agreement with the American Cryonics Society in addition to our new agreement 
with the Cryonics Institute. 

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