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From: "John de Rivaz" <>
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Subject: Re: Are there countries for long term storage ?
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 12:57:22 +0100

Re: Are there countries other than the USA  for long term storage ?

The answer is "no". Interest in cryonics around the world is still too
diffuse to raise the substantial funds that would be needed. There would
need to be many wealthy people in the same town or at least same county (not
country) to make this possible. The UK has the most cryonicists outside of
North America and it is nowhere near achieving this, though some have tried.
The inflation of property prices in relation to salaries, and taxes and
regulations on businesses, make the situation far harder now than it was
some decades ago when the existing cryonics service providers first
appeared. [In the UK at least, it used to be possible to purchase a
residence for three years average salary. Now it is seven. Similar inflation
relates to business premises. Relating costs to salaries is a much better
guide than looking at money figures.]

It is important for newcomers to realise that the number of people around
the whole world who are signed up for cryopreservation is a only a little
over 1250. That comes as quite a shock to a lot of people, considering the
level of publicity the subject gets.  Once this information is considered,
what is surprising is that this can support even two organisations!

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