X-Message-Number: 261
Date: 16 Dec 90 00:46:27 EST
From: Steve Bridge <>
To: KEVIN <>
Subject: Alcor update 12-15-90
Message-Id: <"901216054627 72320.1642 EHI35-1"@CompuServe.COM>

TO: Kevin

     Another exciting bit of Alcor news that I missed in my recent
update:  The District Attorney in Riverside California has decided to
close the investigations into the death of Dora Kent, including both
the possible murder charges and the felony charge of practicing medicine
without a license.

     Essentially, they had no case and they knew it.  There is no question
that Dora Kent was NOT murdered; she was merely placed into cryonic sus-
pension as a neuropatient.  The DA further stated that the charge of
practicing medicine without a license had no hope because the prosecutors
would have had to prove either that Dora Kent was alive when the procedure
was done or that using medical procedures on dead people is, in fact, 
practicing medicine.

     To quote from the Riverside Press-Enterprise, Nov. 28, 1990:

     	Had the office decided to go forward on such a murky 
	area of law, he said, "We could have just ruined a lot of
	people's lives and cost everybody a lot of money and not
	done anything socially beneficial."

     NOW he figures that out.  What does he think he has ALREADY done?

     Unfortunately, the Medical Board of California is still investigating
an Alcor physician who signed Dora Kent's death certificate.  He is under
investigation "for possibly aiding and abetting the unlicensed practice of
medicine."  We think this investigation is also a crock of pretty smelly
cheese, and we hope that, in the light of the recent court rulings and of
the DA's decision to drop the case, the Medical Board will back off, too.

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