X-Message-Number: 2617
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 94 19:45:57 EST
Subject: CRYONICS Re: Spouses/Partners not signed up for suspension.

Greetings Everyone!

I would be interested in getting comments from cryonicists whose
spouses/partners/significant others are not signed up for cryonic suspension.
How do you feel about this? Do you try to "sell" your partner on cryonics?

My lover doesn't have any philosophic objections to cryonics, but he doesn't
think it will work and is therefore just a waste of money. He has heard a
presentation from Ralph Merkle and has read some literature, but is not

I'd be very happy if he changed his mind, but I've more or less resigned
myself to the fact that he most likely won't. 

Any comments any of you folks might have on this situation would be most

Long life,

Mark Fulwiler   

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