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Date:  Wed, 23 Feb 94 23:18:35 
From: Steve Bridge <>
Subject:  CRYONICS Alcor Move Underway

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To CryoNet
>From Steve Bridge, Alcor
February 23, 1994

     At approximately 9:30 p.m. Arizona time on Monday evening, February 
23, 1994, the 27 suspended patients in Alcor's care took up new residence 
in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Loading the patient dewars on trucks had begun 
that morning at 7:00 a.m.

     Aside from the event itself, the actual process was happily 
*un*eventful and completely smooth.  The heavy moving was handled by 
Dunkel Brothers Equipment Movers, recommended to us as the most 
experienced and competent heavy equipment movers in the west.  They 
certainly lived up to their recommendations.  We were very impressed with 
their care and calm attitude.  I was particularly impressed with how much 
they appeared to be *habitually* careful.  Save that name in case you have 
a heavy but delicate move someday.

     Along with the patients went a truckload of administrative and 
suspension items, including the operating room (now re-set up in 
Scottsdale).  This could have created a logistic nightmare, with so much 
arriving at once; but we had some good fortune on available space.  This 
time of year is low ebb for the beer distributor next to Alcor's space in 
the new building, and the unit right next door to Alcor was nearly empty.  
So we arranged to lease it for a month to provide a staging area for 
moving in.

     The rest of Alcor, including me, should be at the new location by 
March 1st or 2nd.  The phones are going through various switching stages.  
If each phone company does what they say they will, we shouldn't miss any 
calls, except for a very short period of time while our phone system is 
actually plugged in and programmed.  Try not to call and congratulate us 
for a few days, though.  Things will be very hectic; and our staff is 
currently split, so there are fewer people to answer the phone on BOTH 

     The new information (this will be complete after March 1st):

Alcor Life Extension Foundation
7895 E. Acoma Dr. 
Suite 110
Scottsdale AZ 85260

Phone: (602) 922-9013
FAX:   (602) 922-9027

     The Toll-Free number remains 800-367-2228.  Remember, to save Alcor 
money, we request that members and others wishing to keep us afloat use 
ONLY the 602 number, so that the 800 number can be saved for information 
requests and emergencies.  There IS a toll on the 800 number -- Alcor pays 
it instead of the caller.

     We are also keeping (909) 736-1703, probably for several years.  
Calls to that will be routed to our 800 number, so we'll pay for those, 
too.  We STRONGLY encourage everyone to use the 602 number after March 

Probable phone schedule:

Thursday or Friday (24th or 25th) -- the 800 number will switch to the 
Acoma building.

Monday the 28th, 6:00 a.m. -- The 909 number will switch to the Acoma 

Note: you may get some busy signals during this time, because only 2 lines 
will be active in Scottsdale until our phone system gets there.

     Also on Monday the final load of administrative stuff, including the 
phone system, will be taken to Scottsdale.

     One phone line will stay active in Riverside for Monday: 909-736-

Tuesday, March 1st -- The phone system will be installed in the Scottsdale 

     Any Alcor member anticipating possible terminal conditions during 
this next few days should let us know immediately.  Murphy is active out 
there (i.e., the "things go wrong" guy, not Beth) and this period will 
give us the maximum chance for the maximum foul-up.

Finally, we still could use some help with final packing Thursday, Friday, 
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning.  Help UNpacking on the Scottsdale 
end is also needed. Anyone feeling like experiencing the joys of dust, 
sweat, work, and camaraderie should give Ralph Whelan or me a call right 
away.  You WILL be appreciated.  (This may include help with packing up 
the household items at my apartment and at Ralph's house.)

A BIG thanks to those who have already helped: Bob Smart, Russell Whitaker 
(yes, he's back in California!), Max More, Regina Pancake, Brian Murdock, 
Jay Skeer, Romana Machado, Fred and Linda Chamberlain, Mark Voelker, Keith 
Lofstrom, Mary Margaret Glennie, and Mark Connaughton.

Steve Bridge

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