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Subject: CRYONICS.SCI Re: Spouses/Partners not signed up
From:  (Edgar W. Swank)
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 94 00:42:24 PST

Thomas Donaldson said in msg 2623,

    Frankly, Perry, I don't see how you do that at all.  If my wife
    (who IS a cryonicist, though we disagree on many other things)
    were not signed up, I would find it unbearable.  This is so even
    though I also believe that we are each responsible for our own
    fate.  But not to be signed up?  It would feel as if my wife were
    about to step off a cliff, or into the path of an onrushing
    locomotive.  Ideas about responsibility or not...

I'm in much the same position as Perry.  My wife is not signed up,
although she's certainly been exposed to the concept. I don't
understand Thomas' feelings.  The chances of my marriage, or -any-
marraige, surviving the suspension of one or -both- partners is quite
small, IMHO.

Even if both are signed up, suspensions of two partners are likely to
be separated by a number of years; revivals are likely to be separated
by an even greater period of time. (Unless the partners leave
instructions to delay one revival until both can be done -- a bad
idea).  Since the need for human companionship is constant, it's
likely the partner remaining animated (either before or after
suspension) will seek a new companion.

 (Edgar W. Swank)
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