X-Message-Number: 2636
Date: 09 Mar 94 22:34:44 EST
From: Mike Darwin <>
Subject: SCI.CRYONICS animal studies

My thanks for those who have responded to me both publically and privately
regarding the utility of BPI TECH BRIEFS.

One writer commented that there was too much technical jargon such as CABG
(coronary artery bypass graft).  I apologize for this, but would point out
that not everything we post here will be written specfically for this
audience.  AND we do not have the time, staff or inclination to edit every
piece before posting.  So, bear with us.  We have decided that posting
pieces with some offputting jargon but with genuinely useful information
as well is a good tradeoff and those readers who have responded seem to

Two people wrote to inquire as to whether or not the issue of the source
of burr hole drainage could be resolved by recourse to animal studies.  I
was unsure of the answer until yesterday when I spoke with Dr. Greg Fahy
who has had some experience perfusing both rabbit and dog heads.  He was
able to confirm that he has observed the same kind of drainage from the
burr hole on canine experiments and that he believes (but is not sure)
that he has seen similar drainage during rabbit experiments.  This would
seem to confirm that we have an animal model that behaves the same way
that humans do.

We currently have our -90C freezer full of two dogs who been perfused and
are awaiting cooling to -135C, reperfusion, fixation and evaluation by
light and electrob microscopy.  Once we process these two animals (money
is lacking right now) we will have space in the freezer to do a third. 
We will open a burr hole on that animal and try to determine the source
of the leakage.

And yes, many problems could be resolved in cryonics rather quickly with
application of MONEY.  Cryonicists, however, prefer to spend their money
fighting with each other and on endlessly reduplicating each others'
dismal experiences freezing the dead and nearly dead.  Yours truly is no

The take home message here is simple: don't get *too* carried away with
our apparent rationality. While this may violate Heinlein's dictate,
you'll just have to TRUST me when I say it ain't so.

Mike Darwin

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