X-Message-Number: 264
Date: 19 Dec 90 01:18:45 EST
From: "Russell E. Whitaker" <>
To: Kevin Brown <>
Subject: BBS Conference is now rolling
Message-Id: <"901219061844 71750.2413 EHE43-4"@CompuServe.COM>

  Joe Dumanov's New World's BBS now has a full-featured and
fully-functioning Cryonics Conference.

  (201) 729-9538 is the data number to dial; settings are 2400 bps, 
8N1.  It's a 24-hour BBS.  [ It also works at 1200 baud. - KQB ]

  I've uploaded a few introductory files to the system.  We should have
MUCH more soon.

  In addition, Joe has added several bulletins, with information on how
to contact Alcor, and how to subscribe to *Cryonics* magazine.

  Tonight (Tuesday) I posted several messages related to local meeting
schedules and Alcor contacts on East and West coasts.

  Please, drop in sometime soon... kick back, read the mail, drop off a
few notes, and enjoy!


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