X-Message-Number: 2643
Date: 12 Mar 94 20:33:51 EST
From: Mike Darwin <>
Subject: SCI.CRYONICS About BPI Tech Brief 5


Posted elsewhere on Cryonet and SCI.CRYONICS is BPI Tech Brief #5.  This
paper is self explanatory.  Unfortunately a limitation we still face with
current E-mail technology is the inability to show illustrations with
text.  This is especially unfortunate in a situation such as this one
where understanding just what is going on is more than a little dependant
on being able to see pictures or drawings.  It is our hope that a viable
technical journal dealing with the topics of suspended animation, CNS and
human cryopreservation will soon emerge and that papers such as this one
will be found worthwhile to be published there.  In the meantime, please
bear with us.

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