X-Message-Number: 26452
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 10:36:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Urban Mith <>
Subject: Prophet Yahweh will summon Vegas UFO July 15

I haven't followed the latest religion discussion here
very carefully but it seems to me that you all may be
interested in a new religion-- one based on UFO's and
promulgated by one "Prophet Yahweh". He is currently
summoning white lights that appear in the sky on his
command and promises that a big spaceship will arrive
in Vegas on or before July 15-- within a 4 day window
of summons.

 James Randi's organization is following the event and
will pay the Prophet a million dollars if the
spaceship appears. If that ship does appear, I think
some of us in Vegas ought to ask the aliens how to
extend lifespan and make suspended animation work. How
about it Vegas-based cryos? 

For the cryonicists here who propose to sue religions
in general, you might want to start by suing Prophet
Yahweh if the mothership doesn't appear, although I
wouldn't recommend it. My position is that religion is
just politics by another name, so suing a religion is
messing with politics of an unknown depth and
virulence. Look what happened to KH. To respond to
religions, why not take James Randi's approach? Pay
out a reward for "miracles!". "It's a miracle!". 

So DP-- why not join Randi and pay out another
thousand bucks if a giant ship appears over Vegas?
Guaranteed publicity for you-- at least locally.  If
you can't make it there on the 15th, maybe I'll become
a Prophet Yahweh student and we can make one descend
over Creekside for a few hours-- with your permission
of course. 

And of course, what good is an idea like this without
an associated separate discussion area? So here it
is-- enjoy.

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