X-Message-Number: 26465
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2005 07:42:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Urban Mith <>
Subject: How to destroy organized religion

Apparently, cryonicists aren't too interesting in
Prophet Yahweh's claim that he's going to make a
spaceship appear over Las Vegas between July 4 and
15th. Nobody commented on that post a few days ago.
Well then, perhaps this might generate the interest of
some cryonicists who wish to see religions cease and
desist from making false claims about eternal life and
other matters. It turns out that Prophet Yahweh claims
that the appearance of the giant UFO over Vegas-- an
apparition that will last for a day and half-- will
"destroy organized religion". Why? Because the UFO is
Yahweh (the God of the Bible) and his angels-- and
their appearance will automatically prove all other
religions to be false. You all have to admit-- THAT is
much more interesting than a boring lawsuit that has
little chance for success and would draw fire cryonics
doesn't need. So why don't we all turn our attention
to Prophet Yahweh-- just for fun-- this July 4
weekend? Vegas based cryos-- report to Cryonet on what
you see happening in the skies there now. Your Channel
13 covered this thing a month ago. Laughlin-based
cryos-- why not check it out? You're within driving
distance of where this spaceship will appear. James
Randi is following this story-- and we all know how
much we like Randi's debunking work. Here's a link to
where I'm following this story. I invite cryoneers
(cryonics pioneers) to follow it with me... and
maybe-- just maybe, we'll see the destruction of
organized religion occur before the end of this month!


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