X-Message-Number: 26466
From: "Jerry Lemler" <>
Subject: religion and my cancer
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2005 08:04:32 -0700

                   To Dave Pizer,
                          Dave, I can't be more blunt about my feelings 
regarding what you're proposing to do than I shall be in this message. You 
are a dear friend of mine, and just a short time ago you and Trudy were 
among the staunchest of my supporters during those days when it appeared as 
though the lymphoma was going to kill me. I am now (thankfully) in 
remission,and in the middle of four additional chemotherapy treatments ,(had 
one yesterday, in fact), to further ensure I don't relapse. But now, Dave, 
you've gone on a rant that poses an equal threat to my very existence. I may 
be blowing a continued welcome at your marvelous Creekside Resort by saying 
this, but Dave, you're being selfish. How can someone who worked so hard to 
help save my life, now work equally as diligently to try and snuff it out? I 
implore you, my friend, give it a rest (in peace).
                          Sooner AND Later, Jerry

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