X-Message-Number: 26478
Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 02:26:31 -0400
Subject: David Pizer Fooled Thomas Donaldson

In Cryonet #26450, David Pizer wrote:  "I have reconsidered my timing and 
am thinking of other ways of proceding without using the courts."

In a post above in today's blast, Thomas asks "didn't Dave Pizer put a 
message on Cryonet to
the effect that he'd decided against a lawsuit?"

The answer is clear from his own words -- no, he is only thinking about it.

In other messages in today's blast, Pizer continues the discussion of the 
subject and debates various prior postings.  In one post, he comes right 
out and asks:  "how can I posture this suit".  So, a suit remains a threat 
to the future of every cryonicist, including Pizer's.

I notice, however, that he has not mentioned his "argument" since I 
dismantled it the other day (#26441).  Apparently this was not as important 
to him as the EMOTIONAL aspect of sobbing over all the poor billions of 
people who are denied some small chance of "physical immortality" by the 
awful churches.

Now, instead he is focusing only on the question: "If there are valid 
reason not for me not to try to force religions to
correct the mistake in how they present their message of their belief and
hope for eternal salvation, I want to hear  them. "

To that, all I can do is ask him when he will listen to what I and many 
others already have said -- deal with them as valid opponents, challenge 
them but don't try to "force" them to do anything.  They are too powerful, 
numerous and wealthy, and, incidentally, in most countries they have very 
big legal rights.  Oh, and may I point out, that to many millions of them 
it would be an EMOTIONAL issue, just as Pizer's position has now been 
degraded to from the status of "logical".

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