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From: Peter Merel <>
Subject: Re: About BPI Tech Brief 5
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Date: Mon, 14 Mar 1994 07:03:00 GMT

Mike Darwin <> writes:
>Posted elsewhere on Cryonet and SCI.CRYONICS is BPI Tech Brief #5.  This
>paper is self explanatory.  Unfortunately a limitation we still face with
>current E-mail technology is the inability to show illustrations with
>text.  This is especially unfortunate in a situation such as this one
>where understanding just what is going on is more than a little dependant
>on being able to see pictures or drawings.

Such technology not only exists, but it is in the public domain and
readily accessible all over the internet. If you can find a friendly site,
and there are many of them about, all you need do is scan in your
pictures as gifs (or scan your videos in as mpegs!), construct your
documents in HTML format, set up a WWW server, and post an HTTP
reference to it. Many people use WWW browsers (Mosaic, viola, cello,
...) to read their news, and it will be a simple point and click for
them to view your diagrams (and videos) directly from their newsreaders.

Folks who are lumbered with dumb (non-X) terminals should still be able to get

access to the text of your document using "lynx", a text only web browser, so I
doubt that anyone would be disadvantaged by this arrangement.


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