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Date: 20 Dec 90 11:13:10 EST
From: "Russell E. Whitaker" <>
To: ">INTERNET:" <>
Subject: cryonics #263 - Re: Cryonics in the BBS Community
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Please post to cryonet:

  Could you send me, please, the numbers which show the relative sizes
of Relaynet and Fidonet?  These numbers will be important when Dumanov
decides to go with a particular system.  He has already stated his
intent to become a network node; if you have ideas, now's the time to
  For that matter, why don't you log onto New World's BBS and let him
know of your BBS plans?  Joe is quite willing to help anyone who wishes
to start a cryonics conference.  He has done a remarkable job in his
work to date.
To all:
  So far, Kevin Brown and I have logged on AND participated in the
message area in the Cryonics Conference (#10) on New World's BBS.  Give
it a try.  If for nothing else, you can check up on local Alcor chapter
meeting times and dates... all of which have been posted for the near

Russell E. Whitaker

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