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From:  (Timothy Freeman)
Subject: Re: About BPI Tech Brief 5
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Date: Thu, 17 Mar 1994 15:53:39 GMT

Peter Merel <> writes:

   Many people use WWW browsers (Mosaic, viola, cello,
   ...) to read their news, and it will be a simple point and click for
   them to view your diagrams (and videos) directly from their newsreaders.

   Folks who are lumbered with dumb (non-X) terminals should still be
   able to get access to the text of your document using "lynx", a
   text only web browser, so I doubt that anyone would be
   disadvantaged by this arrangement. 

Using WWW conveniently requires a real-time network connection.  This
is the scarce resource.  I agree with your assertion that people stuck
with terminals could use lynx.  For instance, Kevin Brown (the
cryonics mailing list moderator), Alcor, and Mike Darwin presently use
email-only connections that are not real-time, as far as I know.

I once knew about a www-to-email gateway, but I can't find the pointer
any more.  If that gateway still exists, then it wouldn't be any
harder for email people to fetch mosaic pages than it presently is for
them to fetch old cryomsg's.  If anyone wants to use the gateway, post
on comp.infosystems.www to get someone to tell you how to access it.
Tim Freeman <>    

[ FYI: During non-peak hours I can access Mosaic, but I don't know how
  to create HTML documents and I certainly don't expect to be able to
  set up a WWW server and post HTML references to it.  (If I had that
  kind of capability I'd do some more obvious things first, such as
  setting up accounts named "cryonics", "cryonics-request", etc. rather
  than using "kqb".)
  What I can do to provide illustrations to go with the text is to store
  some uuencoded graphics files (PCX, GIF, etc.) that people can
  retrieve via CRYOMSG requests.  I expect that a lot more people are
  able to view PCX or GIF files than are able to access WWW. - KQB ]

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