X-Message-Number: 266
Date: 20 Dec 90 19:21:03 EST
From: "Russell E. Whitaker" <>
To: Kevin Brown <>
Subject: Alcor on The Portal System
Message-Id: <"901221002103 71750.2413 EHE54-1"@CompuServe.COM>

  Would you like to send email to the Alcor Life Extension
Foundation?  You can, now.  Alcor is now on The Portal System, based in
Cupertino, California.  The Usenet address is:


  Formally, the account administrator is Ralph Whelan, Administrator of
Alcor.  However, he's new to email and dial-up systems in general (not
to mention, he's extremely busy with his new position!), so I'll be
handling administration until he takes over.
  Those of you who normally send article submissions, take heart!  You
can now send them to Alcor's Portal account, and (maybe) beat monthly
deadlines.  Remember to send in ASCII format, and please remember to
remove embedded, non-printing control characters before uploading.
  Kevin: please add "" to your broadcast list.  
This will make it easier to maintain an up-to-date archive of your
newsgroup mailings.  Once I have all the preceding messages (from the
first on 25 July 1988), it's a simple matter to append new messages.
  Cryonet subscribers: please feel free to cross-post this message to
other newsgroups.
  Here's a project for anyone out there who'd like to help out: find
out if any members of the Alcor UK and Australia chapters are on
Internet, CompuServe, or The Portal itself.  We might be able to speed
up routine communications between all or most of the Alcor chapters and
affiliates.  If such a search turns up negative, I can put together a
package to the UK chapter first, with information on British Usenet
connections and packet net services.  I've had some practical
experience in that myself, considering the money I once poured in the
French & Swiss telecom systems when I lived there.
  A short note is in order: I am not an officer or representative of
the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Riverside, California.  I'm
simply helping out.

Russell E. Whitaker

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