X-Message-Number: 2660
From: Ralph Merkle <>
Subject: CRYONICS Earthquakes in California
Date: 	Tue, 22 Mar 1994 11:18:42 PST

Wall Street Journal, page B1, March 22 1994:

Beneath Los Angeles, More Earthquakes Are Lurking


The Northridge quake is the latest and most damaging of six
substantial, midsized temblors in Southern California over
the past six years.  Scientists say these, along with several
earlier quakes dating to 1971, represent a burst of seismic
activity after decades of quiet.  "We're seeing a pronounced
increase in the seismic energy release throughout Southern
California," says Dr. Shedlock.

Some scientists predict that the increased activity is a prelude to
a really big earthquake along the huge San Andreas Fault.  The San
Francisco quake of 1906, they say, followed two decades of midsized
events in the region.


"What concerns us is that so many of these earthquakes in the last
10 years or so are occurring near an area of the San Andreas that
hasn't had a major earthquake since 1857," say Thomas Henyey, executive
director of the Southern California Earthquake Center.  The worry is
that while smaller faults are releasing energy, the San Andreas is
storing it up -- to be released in a huge jolt when the stress gets
too great.

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