X-Message-Number: 2667
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 94 19:48:15 CST
Subject: CRYONICS Image Archives

        Regarding Thomas Donaldson's suggestion to store digital data 
(images) as numbers on paper, I would like to point out that this 
discussion was started in the context of archiving images for cryonics 
purposes.  Since cryonics requires the continuity of civilization, we 
can assume this same condition holds for our archiving task.  If so, 
the best place to store images is right on the hard disk of your 
cryonics organization's computer.  This data will then smoothly 
migrate from one computer generation to the next, much as my own 
CryoNet archives.  (Yes, you can all expect to have your CryoNet 
postings "grepped" by me or my descendants in the far future.) 
                                        --- Brian Wowk

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