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From:  (Ben Best)
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 1994 07:53:00 -0400


    I think Robert's efforts to get cryonics research done at the
Kharkhov Institute for Cryobiology are an unmitigated boon. Any thought
that it is "exploitative" is entirely misplaced. Would it be more
"honorable" to make a charitable contribution? No! The Ukrainians are
being given the opportunity to do badly-needed research in exchange for
badly-needed money. Both parties should take pride in giving value for
what they receive. From the point of view of the Ukrainians, should they
allow themselves to feel guilty for the availability of what to them
seem like "vast sums" from "wealthy" Americans?

   Yes, the monthly salary of a Ukrainian researcher is $15 per month.
But cost of housing is probably no more than $1 or $2 per month. And
you would be amazed at the amount of bread that can be bought for $1.
Food costs are nonetheless painfully high for them -- especially since
they feel it is so necessary to eat meat (VERY expensive, relatively
speaking). Supplements of zinc, iron and vitamin B12 would make meat
less necessary, but these are probably hard to obtain.

    How many Ukrainian researchers are expected to work for the
Cryonics Institute? Are any of these people cryobiologists who have
no sympathy for cryonics? Will this research seem "unethical" for
them, or will it disgrace them in the eyes of the cryobiological
community? Is much money being allocated for equipment? Are the
researchers being paid directly, or is the money going to the Institute
for Cryobiology? If the latter, the Cryonics Institute should take
pride in helping a reputable Ukrainian scientific organization to
survive. Is there a contract? I'd be interested to see the specific
directives that the Cryonics Institute is giving for research to be

    As you can tell, I am excited and fascinated by this work.

                   -- Ben Best (ben.best%)

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