X-Message-Number: 268
From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: Cryonics Organization List 
Date: 8 Jan 1991

Here is my first pass at a list of cryonics-related organizations.  The list
is in two parts:
  (1) those organizations with suspension capability (or that are working
      toward achieving suspension capability) and
  (2) those organizations that support cryonics in other ways (including life
      extension publications run by cryonicists).
Please let me know of any omissions or corrections!
                                       - Kevin Q. Brown

Alcor, ACS, and CI have suspension capability.  The Cryonics Association of
Canada does not perform cryonic suspensions (but has done one permafrost
interment in Northern Canada).  I am not sure what the newly formed
International Cryonics Foundation supports, but my guess is that they would
make arrangements with Trans Time.  I have not included domestic (USA)
coordinators (with local transport capability) associated with Alcor or ACS.

    Alcor Life Extension Foundation
    12327 Doherty St.
    Riverside, CA 92503
    (714) 736-1703 & (800) 367-2228
    FAX (714) 736-6917
    Cryonics magazine, monthly, $25./yr. USA,
	    $35./yr. Canada & Mexico, $40./yr. overseas
	    ($10./yr. USA gift subscription for new subscriber)
    Note: Alcor is the membership and caretaking organization and the

    suspensions are performed by Cryovita, which is located at the same address.
    American Cryonics Society (ACS)
    P.O. Box 761
    Cupertino, CA 95015
    (408) 446-4425 & (408) 255-1763
    FAX (408) 973-1046, 24 hr FAX (408) 725-0385
    Supporting membership, including American Cryonics and American
        Cryonics News $35./yr. USA, $40. Canada & Mexico, $71. overseas
        (Note: The Immortalist (below) includes American Cryonics News.)
    Note: The American Cryonics Society is the membership organization
    and the suspensions and caretaking are done by Trans Time.

    Cryonics Institute (CI)
    24443 Roanoke
    Oak Park, MI 48237
    (313) 547-2316 & (313) 548-9549
    The Immortalist Society, which has the same address and phone number,
        publishes The Immortalist, monthly, $25./yr. USA, $30./yr. Canada
        and Mexico, $40./yr. overseas.  Airmail $52. Europe, $62. Asia or
        Australia.  A gift subscription ($15./yr. USA, $25. outside USA)

        includes a free book (The Prospect of Immortality or Man Into Superman).
    Cryonics Society of Canada
    P.O. Box 788, Station A
    40 Bay Street
    Toronto, Ontario  Canada M5W 1G3
    Canadian Cryonics News, quarterly, $10./yr. or $14./yr. overseas

    International Cryonics Foundation
    1430 N. El Dorado
    Stockton, CA 95202
    (209) 463-0429

Alcor UK, associated with Alcor Life Extension Foundation, does not (yet) do
the suspensions and caretaking themselves, but they are well-equipped, with
their own building and laboratory, and have initial training in transport and
    Alcor UK
    Unit 18
    Potts Marsh Estate, Eastbourne Road
    Westham, East Sussex
    Voice: 0323-460257
    FAX: 03212-6050
    The Biostasis Letter, Editor: Luigi Warren (call or write for prices)

Alcor has an organization in Australia that is rapidly gaining transport
    Cryonics Association of Australia
    Cryonics Australia, bimonthly, A$5./yr. in Australia, A$15./yr. elsewhere
    Robert Cardwell
    P.O. Box 207
    Darlinghurst, N.S.W. 2010

I have no recent news about the New Zealand organization, associated, I
believe, with ACS.  Here is the information from a couple of years ago:
    Pacific Cryobionic Society
    P.O. Box 986
    33 Cannington Road
    Dunedin, New Zealand
    Telex, 5793 AI UNIV
    Telefax (64) <24> 778681


These organizations are not directly associated with cryonic suspensions,
but they do support cryonics in other ways.  I have not included cryonics
dinner meetings or cryonics discussion groups.

    Citizens for an Extended Lifespan (CEL)
    9149 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 139
    Los Angeles, CA 90045
    CEL is a California-based political action group for promoting legal
    and political support favorable to cryonicists.

    cryonics mailing list
    Kevin Q. Brown
    Cryonics-related news available free to anyone with an InterNet or UUCP
    email address.  Anyone on the list with cryonics news can send email to
    Kevin Brown, who will distribute it electronically to everyone on the list.

    P.O. Box 77243
    Los Angeles, CA 90007-7243
    (213) 746-5571
    CompuServe: 76436,3157
    Published twice a year, $3./issue USA, $4.50/issue foreign surface,
        $5./issue foreign air, payable to "Max More"
    Extropy, published by Tom W. Bell and Max More, describes itself as:
        "a journal of ideas, dedicated to discussing and developing
        themes in the following areas: Life extension, immortalism and
        cryonics, artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive science and
        neuroscience, intelligence-increase technologies, nanotechnology,
        memetics, space colonization, uploading, spontaneous orders
        (free markets, neural networks, evolutionary processes, etc.),
        science fiction, extropic psychology, futurist morality, reviews,
        transhumanism, and futurism."
    Each issue has a large "Extropian Resources" list of Biostasis
    Organizations, Other Life Extensionists/Immortalists, Extropian
    Science Fiction, Space, and Misc.

    Life Extension Foundation
    P.O Box 229120
    Hollywood, FL 33022-9120
    (800) 841-LIFE & (305) 966-4886
    Life Extension Report, monthly, $27./yr.
    Membership ($50./yr.) gives Life Extension Report + 25% off products of:
        Life Extension International
        1142 W. Indian School Road
        Phoenix, AZ 85013-9985
        (800) 544-0577
    This is Saul Kent's excellent progress report on life extension research.

    New World's BBS
    Sysop: Joe Dumanov
    24-hr, free, 8-N-1 2400 baud
    (201) 729-9538
    Has an active cryonics conference.

    Editor: Thomas Donaldson
    P.O. Box 2365
    Sunnyvale, CA 94087
    CompuServe: 73647,1215
    $2.50/issue in USA, $3.50/issue outside USA
    "PERIASTRON will discuss any scientific or technical issue relating to
    cryonics and immortalism. It will not be a periodical giving news about
    individual societies or even legal developments (unless, that is, they
    pertain to the scientific and technical issues)."

    Reanimation Foundation
    c/o Saul Kent
    16280 Whispering Spur
    Riverside, CA 92504
    (800) 841-LIFE
    The Reanimation Foundation is set up to enable you to "take it with you"
    and provide financial support for your reanimation, reeducation, and
    reentry.  It is based in Liechtenstein, which does not have a Rule Against
    Perpetuities, and thus allows financial assets to be owned by a person long
    after the person is declared legally dead.

    The Society for Venturism
    P.O. Box 458
    Wrightwood, CA 92397

    Venturist Monthly News, Editor: Mike Perry, P.O.B. 8511, Riverside, CA 92515
            $12./yr. USA, $15./yr. Canada & Mexico, $18./yr. overseas.
    The Venturists are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt scientific, religious, and
    educational organization, serving as a cryonics "religion" and forum
    for immortalist philosophy "promoting immortality through science."

    Fred and Linda Chamberlain have gone back to school and no longer can
    support their cryonics-related organizations/publications: Lifepact,
    Federation of Cryonics Societies (FOCUS), and LifeQuest.  Lifepact was
    created to form a mutual support group of cryonicists who will help
    ensure each other's reanimation, reeducation, and reentry.  The Lifepact
    duties apparently are now being taken over by Norm Lewis and Jim Stevenson.
    I don't know who, if anyone, is supporting FOCS (an organization for
    promoting self-regulation among the cryonics suspension organizations)
    or LifeQuest (cryonicist and immortalist fiction).

    Lifepact News
    write to:
        Norm Lewis
        1828 San Pablo
        Berkeley, CA 94702-1624
        Jim Stevenson
        3191 Mackall Way
        Palo Alto, CA 94306

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