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Date: Tue, 05 Apr 94 11:30:22 EDT
Subject: SCI.CRYONICS foreign

Subj:  more on foreign
Date:  94-04-05 11:22:41 EDT
From: Ettinger

Thanks for the comments on foreign research, and especially to Mike Darwin
and Greg Fahy for their information. A couple of quick comments:

When I referred to "old" Alcor observations, I merely meant they might not
(as far as I know) correspond to recent practice.

I thought we had  indeed published the important items of information about
our sheep head experiments. I don't have time to go into detail now, but Greg
asked about glycerol concentration; as I recall, we estimated a brain
concentration of  perhaps 15%, based on effluent concentration and
observation. In any event, full details of the Ukrainian work will be
available to anyone interested.

The cryobiologist  is Yuri Pichugin, the electron microscopist Gennadi
Zhegunov. Dr. Pichugin is a long-time proponent of cryonics, lonely for many
years.  I don't know whether Dr. Zhegunov has any views on these questions.
>From our correspondence, I have a strong impression that they will do honest

The first phase has already started. This is just to lay down a base line, or
control, by examining untreated sheep heads. The second phase will involve
perfusion without freezing, for another comparison. The third phase will
involve perfusion, slow cooling to liquid nitrogen temperature (we take 10
days altogether), and slow re-warming (another 10 days). With luck, we should
have the work done in a month or two, and a report shortly after. 

Long life--

Robert Ettinger

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