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Date: 9 Apr 94 02:25:05 GMT
Subject: CRYONICS Cryonics Laughlin Minutes

                        CRYONICS LAUGHLIN
                       CHAPTER NEWSLETTER
                SUNDAY MARCH 20TH 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    Steve Bridge       Don Laughlin        Jerry Searcy
    Eric Klien         Dave Pizer          
                            PIZER TANK
Don Laughlin paid $50 on his dues, Eric Klien paid $25 on his dues,
giving us a grand total of $575 to work with. Eric Klien, Don
Laughlin, and Nick Pablica are up to date on their dues. Katie Kars
and Jerry Searcy owe one month dues. J. D.  Smith owes two month
dues. If anyone believes any of the above is incorrect they should
contact Eric.
We then spent $25 of this money on the generous offer by Steve
Bridge and Dave Pizer to get a loaned plastic Pizer tank until a
metal one could be built. This tank arrived just two days later.
Thanks Steve and Dave!                      
Eric Klien has begun his sign up process with CryoCare and Julie
Guichebarou will be doing the same within 30 days. So with the
mixture of CryoCare and Alcor members in Nevada, it had become time
to change the name of our group. So by majority vote, our name was
been changed to Cryonics Laughlin.
                         MEETING IN LAUGHLIN
Our next meeting will be held at 1 P.M. on Sunday, April 17th in the
Executive Office of the Riverside Casino. Call Eric at (702) 897-4176
if you wish to join a carpool to the casino.
We will be discussing our new Pizer tank and a training session will
be conducted with it. H. Jackson Zinn, an attorney who had worked on
Alcor's behalf in legal cases, will be attending this meeting.

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