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From:  (Thomas Donaldson)
Subject: CRYONICS:medical.care.legal.issues
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 1994 14:30:40 -0700 (PDT)

Greetings to everyone on Cryonet:

Much as I dislike politics in either the large or small, I recently received
a very disquieting piece of information (propaganda?). It discussed the 
plans for health care put out by Mr. Clinton and his wife. True, it may be
one-sided, but the side it discusses, if true, would cause any longevist
or life-extensionist considerable trouble.

It is a leaflet mailed to me seeking contributions from the American Council
for Health Reform. It discusses some provisions of the Clinton plan and other
similar plans which have been put forward in the US Congress (Clinton HR 3600/
S 1757) Chafee (S1770), Nickles (S1743), Gramm (S1807) and others. Among the
provisions which should disturb us are:

* We are legally required to purchase health coverage from the choices
  provided by our health alliance.

* It becomes ILLEGAL for us to go elsewhere (HSA pp. 243-244, Title I, Section

* The plan would impose federal prison sentences on patients who offer 
  anything for special treatment; health providers who accept a "bribe" for
  providing special care would be subject to 15 years imprisonment, patients
  2 years (HSA p.973, Title V, Subtitle E, Sec 5434).

* The plan aims to drive doctors out of private practice. The health alliances
  set the fees for ALL medical care. These prices could not be reviewed 
  on either the Federal or the State level (p.921, Title V, Subtitle B. Sec

* We would all receive a single identifier number given by the National 
  Health Board. The Board can require any information it wishes to be coded
  into our card (HSA p. 869 Title V, Subtitle B, Sec 5105).

As most people on this forum know, most doctors can't be relied upon to 
provide prescriptions to any life-extension drugs, even now. It seems from 
these provisions of the Clinton plan that obtaining many of these drugs
will become much harder, if not impossible --- and certainly impossible by
any legal means. (The provisions are quoted from the Clinton plan). IF YOU

We've already noticed that Mr. Kessler of the FDA wants to forbid us to buy
NONprescription vitamins etc which may increase our longevity. The combination
of that and this "Health Reform" would make it difficult to get any longevity
drug of ANY kind. (Not to mention that DEPRENYL has shown up as particularly 
effective, as has SINEMET).

The leaflet asks for contributions to the battle against these plans (it also
discusses another plan which looks to preserve our individual freedom to a
far greater degree, while helping those who cannot afford present health
care). Anyone interested in this issue may write to the American Council
for Health Care Reform, 4200 Wilson Blvd, Ste 750, Arlington, VA 22204.
Apparently they have no email connection, but their phone # is (703) 908-

What wonderful news to greet us as we work on our Federal taxes!

		Long long life,

		   Thomas Donaldson

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